I have spent the last three years building sidewalks, roads, gardens, events, and relationships. My favorite part has been building relationships. Can you help me continue to serve? Vote for me on August 6th. Contribute to the cause if you can! $5 buys a yard sign, $50 buys 10 radio ads. Every little bit helps! […]

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Transparency: Citizens have a right to know what is happening at city hall. Our city administrator and employees have been working hard the last few years to allow our citizens to have easier access to documents and information regarding their rights and responsibilities online and in person. To support these efforts, I am sponsoring a […]

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Meet Robin

Growing up in Tullahoma, I had the privilege to live in a town that encouraged me to grow, learn and thrive. During high school, I participated in a number of extracurricular activities, including the band program which granted me the opportunity to compete with top students throughout the state through the Governor’s School program. The […]

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Robin Dunn, Alderman Robin Dunn was elected Alderman in 2017. She represents the City on the Tullahoma Housing Authority and the Planning Commission. Alderman Dunn is very active in promoting a sustainable community and is the Board liaison for the Go Green Committee. Phone: 931-461-4373 […]

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