Transparency: Citizens have a right to know what is happening at city hall. Our city administrator and employees have been working hard the last few years to allow our citizens to have easier access to documents and information regarding their rights and responsibilities online and in person. To support these efforts, I am sponsoring a program called “Communiversity” to help citizens better understand the roles of the departments of The City of Tullahoma. Of course citizens should have access to information, but we should also be given the chance to understand the information we have access to. Transparency should mean more than access, it should be an invitation to be a part of the government services that work for all of us. As your alderman, I want you to feel a part of what makes Tullahoma an amazing place to live.

Transportation: For years Tullahoma has struggled to help its citizens get to and from work, school, and shopping. Citizens without a working vehicle find themselves at a significant disadvantage in accessing work and education opportunities. As an alderman I have worked to expand our sidewalks and widen our roads throughout town to help walkers and cyclists to get to their destinations safely. I have worked with the South Central Area Transportation Services to find more efficient ways to reach our citizens who need help most. Technology in this field is changing daily, and Tullahoma’s citizens deserve to have access to the latest transportation developments.

High Creativity, Not High Costs: Tullahoma’s citizens can live richer lives without high costs. Many grants are already available to help improve our quality of life. I have worked with City of Tullahoma employees to secure thousands of dollars in grants concerning economic development, environmental protection, and education. I have helped small business owners to obtain loans to grow their businesses. The Citizens of Tullahoma deserve creative leaders who will seek out and collect resources, and encourage community development.